The name ‘Beautiful Armour’ stems from the idea that protection and self-protection needn’t be cold, destructive, isolating, or confrontational.  Knowledge of self is the greatest protection available in terms of our relationships and interactions with others.  Our previous armour may not fit or protect in the way it should or did, and it’s certainly not as shiny as it used to be.  Like a snake shedding its skin, our beautiful armour is waiting beneath – we just need to see and feel it clearly.

The group explores the idea that it’s via our connection to others that we build greater resilience, self-understanding and compassion for the complexity of the human condition. Being connected to others is the most dangerous and beautiful thing we do.  It provides us with an ongoing experience, a mirror through which we grow and interpret our place in the world. The group is a microcosm, a safe place to better understand self.

What does it look & feel like?

The encounter group means just that. You encounter other people (maximum of 10) and meet yourself in relation to the other people in the group.  You are supported to see yourself via the therapeutic lens and via the interactions and responses of other participants.  Your group is a safe place to grow, learn, and feel connection.  Your group is a private and confidential setting to experience and to change.

Participants are invited to share their experiences of the interpersonal connections that occur in the room, what it feels like to engage, share, and connect.  How do we respond to others?  How do we feel about our own and others’ responses?  The group is about building capacity and self-awareness.  Interpersonal learning is the cardinal mechanism for change in unstructured, high-functioning interactive groups.

When & What are the Costs
The group runs for six consecutive weeks, and each session is 90 minutes.  It is held at 6pm Mondays. Each session is $75 with the overall 6-week block investment being $450.  Bookings are essential, and a 50% deposit is required two weeks prior to the group’s start date to secure your place.  Potential group participants will be asked to attend a short 30-minute consult with Reed to talk about your therapeutic goals and what you hope to achieve and explore during the 6-week term.
Please note – all being well, group members will be invited to continue working in Group.  Group runs in six-week blocks and new participants will only join the group at the beginning of a new block.  Group work is dynamic and requires a commitment from all participants to ensure continuity, learning, safety, and growth.  It is envisaged that long-term, this Blue Mountains community group will be ongoing, providing emotional and social support.