Find a neutral place and time to explore, build meaning, and grow with your partner.

There are a variety of reasons why couples might seek the support of a therapist. These include moving through and repairing a traumatic event or rupture; a breakdown of trust, intimacy or communication; infidelity; loss; separation and divorce; and couples entering a new life phase (such as retirement).

Doing therapy together can support you as you reconnect in your relationship, working through what is valuable and meaningful. It can help guide you through a restoration process so that you’re able to access and experience more joy, a deepening of trust, and a sense of collaboration, contentment, and passion.

Therapy helps couples find pathways back to each other, and more importantly, themselves. Our sessions are a place where you’re respected and celebrated individually while still working toward a shared vision for your relationship.

We all lead busy lives, so setting aside a weekly therapy session is a very positive way of saying to the other, “You matter to me, and this is worth working on and working through”.

How can I help you both validate and nurture your relationship?

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