Group Work: Learn about yourself while connecting with others

An encounter group explores the idea that it’s via our connection to others that we build greater resilience, self-understanding and compassion for the complexity of the human condition. Group therapy is about building capacity and self-awareness through interpersonal learning. Group work supports you as you meet yourself in relation to others, in a safe group environment, and have a place to grow, learn and most importantly, feel connection.

Being a part of a group is an ongoing process that enables you to build a true connection with others.  The group aims to help you:

  • connect with others in your community and situation;
  • increase self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-respect;
  • develop healthy communication and relationship skills;
  • promote awareness and expression of feelings;
  • identify your relationship to any addictions/behaviours/issues and develop a plan to change; and
  • develop alternative behaviour.

Groups run on Monday nights at 6 pm in my studio in Leura. Each session goes for 90 minutes and the group never has any more than ten people in it. Keeping the group small allows for more intimacy, enabling better connection and exploration. Each session is $75, and I encourage you to commit to group work in 6-week blocks.

If you’re interested in joining the group, I ask that you attend a short 30-minute consult, to talk about your therapeutic goals and what you hope to achieve and explore during the 6-week term. This is an essential step in the group therapy process, as it ensures that the group is the right place for you.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in potential group places.

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