Let’s work together to get you moving in a way that feels less stuck or less tangled.

I offer two services to my individual clients: psychotherapy and counselling.  Both approaches are focussed on your needs, but address slightly different situations and run over different time frames.


Psychotherapy focuses to a greater extent on achieving change in the personality or self.  Similar issues can arise time and again in different contexts and relationships.

Psychotherapy helps you focus on any issues you may have, achieve better self-understanding, and change long-standing patterns of behaviour that may be disrupting relationships, work, and study.  Since it is a long-term approach, sessions are 60 minutes in duration and held once a week over an extended period.

In my work, I always take a humanistic and person-centred approach.  My aim is to gently guide you towards self-awareness and self-actualisation rather than simply provide advice or a diagnosis.  In order to do this, I work with an emphasis on understanding and caring, while also drawing from mindfulness-based practices.

Mindfulness aims to support you in developing a different and easier relationship to problematic thoughts, emotions, and sensations.  I have worked with countless clients using a psychotherapeutic approach and have seen them grow, build insight, and experience change.


Counselling focuses on enhancing your capacity to cope with specific life challenges such as relationships ending, workplace issues, grief, transition and anxiety.

Seeing a counsellor helps resolve crises, reduce distress, develop goals for change, and improve wellbeing. Through the counselling process, you can gain a deeper understanding of your behaviours, choices and decisions. This practice is based in the short-term and therefore requires a different approach. Counselling sessions are 60 minutes long and take place weekly over a four-to-ten-week period.

These sessions are often more solutions-focused and strengths-based, supporting you as you focus on your existing strengths and skills to build resilience, solve problems, and develop a path forward.

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